About us

Hi and welcome to our little corner of the internet.

We are Nadia and Andrei. Here we strive to post real, honest, and helpful posts about life, parenting, cooking, and encouragement. We started this blog when our firstborn was born to document parenting moments and tricks we learned along the way. Since then it has been five years and we now have four littles. We’ve definitely learned a lot since having our first and made plenty of mistakes along the way. Our goal is to share with others what we now and hopefully make parenting and life a little less overwhelming. It’s always a great idea to keep learning and we never stop reading, researching, listening to others when it comes to parenting, cooking and life to keep filling our knowledge bank. Anything new we learn that we think might be helpful to others we post here to share with all of you.

We hope you keep reading our blog!

-Nadia and Andrei

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