Nadia and Andrei

Happy 1st birthday Grace and Leah

Wow! I have so many emotions today it’s honestly hard to collect my thoughts. Last night I reminisced how a year ago I was sleepless (mostly because it was uncomfortable) but also because I couldn’t wait to meet these precious babies. We had a small list of names for them but agreed that we would …

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Doing ALL the things

I’ve come across this topic plenty of times and I’m definitely NOT the first to share tips/ tricks / advice on this subject but I feel really strongly about this so why not? Motherhood / homemaker • / the act of being a caregiver, chef, medic, planner, life coach, sleep aid, chauffeur, maid, decorator, event …

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Twin gear review- Black Friday Deals

I’m a huge planner, researcher, list writing type of person. So as soon as I found out it was twins I went into major google mode. What double stroller should we get? We would have to buy not one but two new infant carseats…yeah that’s not cheap. How many diapers would we go through with …

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Update on homeschool

So it’s been almost 3 months since we started the school year. I don’t know if you’re like me but apart from first impression reviews I like updated reviews (when the item has been well tried out and thoughts on it). We’ve been using all the curriculum I first posted about since the beginning and …

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Buckwheat Cabbage Rolls – Vegetarian

Who has tried the traditional cabbage rolls? The ones with rice/meat mixture rolled into boiled cabbage leaves? Well when my sister and I were little we hated basically any dish with meat in it so my mom came up with this lovely alternative. There’s no meat at all and by switching out the heavy cream …

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Self-Care for your well being

Self- care is all the hype these days on social media. Especially moms of young children boast that without it they would lose their minds. Others feel that it’s selfish to do any acts of self-care. I personally believe it’s not a bad thing… all within reason of course. Self-care can be something as simple …

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