Birth Story : warning it’s long!

I was almost 2 weeks overdue and we were getting very impatient to meet our baby.

On Thursday night I woke up from a nap not feeling too good. Turns out my blood pressure was extra high. We called l&d and they told us to come in and get checked out. We got to l&d around 9:00pm and were admitted after about an hour. The doctor on call decided to admit me and induce me since I was already overdue. When they checked me I was only 1cm dilated so I was given the cytotec pill (omg that was the worst 15 minutes of torture! The stupid resident had no idea what he was doing and getting that pill hurt just as bad as the contractions!!) I got an IV set up and got hooked to the baby Doppler and contraction monitor. The following day (Friday) my doctor decided to just monitor me and let me walk in the hopes that labor would progress naturally and I wouldn’t need pitocin. After a whole day of that and absolutely no progress they started me on pitocin. It honestly wasn’t too bad. I started to feel the contractions and they started getting closer together. (side note: my water was broken at 9pm Friday night and from then on I was given 24 hours to deliver before the risks go up, plus when my water was broke they saw that the baby had already had a bowel movement which was a risk to me and the baby).

Once I got to 4cm I started getting huge pain in the center of my thighs. Some people say that when you’re in labor and having contractions your stomach tightens with each contraction or you have back labor… yeah, for me I had neither of those sensations. Instead it felt like my bones were breaking in half inside my legs. The nurses helped me try a bunch of different positions to ease the pain and speed up labor but nothing was helping.

Finally around 9pm I couldn’t take it anymore; the pain in my legs was too much to handle and my contractions were coming one after the other. When the nurse came in to check on me I immediately said I want the epidural NOW!! She said “ok, ill go get the anesthesiologist and we can do it right away!” By now I wasn’t scared of the fact that a needle was about to go in my spine, I just wanted the pain to go away. Once he got to my room things went pretty quickly and smoothly. I sat on the edge of the bed and had to bring my chin to my chest and stay still (not easy to do with crazy contractions)! First I got a little shot to numb the area then the big needle for the actual epidural. Let me tell you: neither of those shots hurt and I was so happy to be able to rest for a little bit. At 10pm I still hadn’t progressed past 4cm and it had been over 24 hours since my water was broken so the doctors came in to talk about my options. By this point I just wanted my baby to safely be delivered and wasn’t so stuck on my original birth plan as I first was. We decided to go ahead with the csection since it didn’t look like I would progress much within the next few hours or so.

This is when I started to freak out. Until that day, I had never so much as gotten a stitch or broken a bone, now major abdominal surgery and I’m going to be awake during the whole thing! The thing that really scared me was that the only drug I get was pretty much the same thing as the epidural I got but a bigger dose.

It all seemed to happen so fast! I got wheeled into the operating room and transferred to the operating table. Got the huge dose of drugs until I ‘couldn’t feel’ anything and then they started. My hubby was sitting on my left side by my head talking to me trying to keep me calm, it wasn’t working. The first cut I didn’t feel but after that….. For some crazy reason the drugs they gave to numb me didn’t work at all!! I was feeling every cut and pull!!! It was horrible pain and I remember yelling at them every few seconds that I can feel everything and if my baby is out yet. The last thing I remember is hearing my baby’s first cry, then I lost consciousness. I was lucky that I didn’t lose a lot of blood and didn’t require a transfusion.

I woke up back in our normal room. In the back of my mind I knew that my baby was born but in that moment I still couldn’t believe that he was here. I looked over and saw the little cart with a bundle of blankets in it, where Andrey and a nurse were standing. Was my baby really in there? The nurse asked if I wanted to hold him but I was still not myself from the drugs so I said I want to but I probably should wait a little bit. Finally after a few hours I felt strong and safe enough to hold our baby. He was amazing!! I couldn’t believe that he was all ours. I kept asking is this really our baby?? It felt like a dream come true.

Timothy was born August 9, 2014 at 11:11pm weighing 9lbs and 20inches long. Looking at him I couldn’t believe such a big baby could fit inside my belly.

Recovery was definitely NOT easy. Trying to take care of a newborn after a surgery was extremely hard and now I have a deep respect for any women that have a csection. It is NOT the easy way of having a baby. For a while I was sad and mad that my birth didn’t go as planned and I ended up with a csection but then I think that my baby and I are both healthy and alive and that’s the important thing! Its been 4 months since I had my sweet baby and I’m so grateful to be able to be a mom and enjoy motherhood, not everyone can, and I’m definitely grateful that everything is ok and my baby is healthy.

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  1. I have pretty much the same birth story, and I felt the same way, sad and upset, but I thanks God that my babies are healthy and I recovered from 3 C-sections and still I getvto enjoy my babies and have a healthy life style.

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