Day 10// spouse/support


Today is THE perfect day to match today’s topic and really get into it. For those that know me, know that I have chronic migraines for about 10 years now. I’m lucky that they aren’t daily or even weekly but when one hits it completely knocks me off my feet. When that happens either my husband or Mom and aunt, or all 3 take over with the kiddos while I try to sleep it off. Today was one of those days. While it isn’t ideal to be living with our parents it does come with lots of good stuff, especially on days like today. I didn’t have to pack up the kids and drive them to grandmas because I physically couldn’t take care of them…. nope…. we were already here. We are truly grateful that we live here and help each other whenever it’s needed.

Homeschool related: I don’t know how homeschool would look for us with a 5, 2, and 7 month old twins if I didn’t have the help of my husband, Mom and aunt. Most days we start homeschool once the twins go down for their first nap. But that still leaves the 2yo. Some days she demands to be part of the lessons and tries to follow along. Most of the time it doesn’t last long and she runs away to play with the grandmas while we do our school work.

On the days where unexpected things come up like a last minute errand and we don’t finish all our school work for the day we leave it and go outside. Once husband is home from work the ‘Men’ finish the school work together. It’s a huge help.! And I think no matter how much our kiddos love us mamas they still want someone else from time to time: daddy, grandparents, aunts/uncles, etc,.

Today our day of homeschool didn’t start until 6pm….. because life happened…. but that’s ok.! Thank you Lord we breezed through today’s lessons and I didn’t hear a single “are we done yet? This is boring. I can’t do it”.

I pray all homeschool moms have some kind of support in place because it truly can’t be done alone. We need a spouse, a group, a online group, anything to not feel alone in the day to day of homeschool. Apart from that we CANT forget about the biggest support. We have Jesus.! He’s always ready and waiting when we need Him… we just need to set our independence and pride aside and admit we can’t do it alone.

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