Doing ALL the things

I’ve come across this topic plenty of times and I’m definitely NOT the first to share tips/ tricks / advice on this subject but I feel really strongly about this so why not?

Motherhood / homemaker β€’ / the act of being a caregiver, chef, medic, planner, life coach, sleep aid, chauffeur, maid, decorator, event planner, risk manager, etc., responsible in keeping tiny humans alive….

The best advice I can give is to be organized with how you use your time and do your to-do list. I personally LOVE my daily Emily Ley Simplified Planner to keep my days running smooth. Let’s be real some days you can get every single thing done and even have weird slow time where you just chill while other days you barely get two things done from your list.

My priorities are listed below;

– Husband/ kids: food cooked, laundry done, house tidy

– Household: laundry, dishes (we don’t use a dishwasher), bills, fridge/freezer/pantry organized

– Work: posts, photos, marketing, etc. I do when all the other things are mostly done and babies nap, or at night.

– Errands: I like to run errands throughout the week instead of leaving everything for the last minute in one day.

– Me time: honestly it’s rare because the kiddos are so little but that’s ok. Also usually nap time or at night.

Homeschool: it’s usually everyone woke up and ate breakfast then while girls play Tim and Emily get their school work done. We finish before the girls need to go down for their first nap. Then during their 1st nap I can go do something with the older 2 kiddos or get some cooking/cleaning done if they are playing well by themselves.

Meal planning: this also saves a lot of time/energy. I don’t plan a weeks worth of meals in advance. I buy enough groceries for about 10 different meals and know roughly what I can make. One big tip is plan the night before and take out whatever meat you need so it’ll be defrosted by morning. I thoroughly enjoy long elaborate recipes but let’s be real you have to chose what’s more important; spending hours cooking or your kids. So on weekdays I stick to either quick and easy or dump and go (instapot) recipes. I HIGHLY recommend using an Instapot . It’s a game changer honestly.

Another big tip is form habits; such as throw in a load of laundry every morning (unless your bin is empty…. haha best mom joke, it’s never empty; only in your dreams). Leave the sink empty and clean in the evening. Put away leftovers and clean the pots/pans in the evening. This saves your food from going bad and gives you a simple easy start in your morning.

Lists: I’m a big believer that lists help you focus, plan, remember and organize your day.

Brain dump: I don’t use a journal/diary…. but a brain dump is an amazing concept. You basically write out (or type in your notes on your phone) everything that’s on your mind; big and little. No order or special way of doing it. Just write it however it pops into your brain. Most often, seeing it on paper is less daunting than how big your brain makes it seem to be.

What other tips/tricks do you have for having a successful household? Please share in the comments below.

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