Happy 1st birthday Grace and Leah

Wow! I have so many emotions today it’s honestly hard to collect my thoughts. Last night I reminisced how a year ago I was sleepless (mostly because it was uncomfortable) but also because I couldn’t wait to meet these precious babies. We had a small list of names for them but agreed that we would make our final decisions once we met them. So they continued to be Baby A (Grace) and Baby B (Leah). 
We woke up early morning as our scheduled csection was for 8am. As per usual it was hard to find a access point for IV. It’s ok. Eventually it got figured out. 
The same OB doctor who delivered my 2nd child (Emily) was going to deliver the girls. That made me be at ease. He came over to my head once I had gotten the spinal and was laying down already, getting the last few preparations done before they would start the surgery. I’ll always remember; he asked if he can pray over me. It was a quick but powerful prayer asking God to bless his hand during the operation, protect me and the babies. I was calm before but this put me at an even calmer point. 
Surgery was normal, no complications for me. They got Baby A out at 8:46 and Baby B out at 8:48. Doctor brought over each one and showed her to us! They were perfect!
 As they were starting to work on closing me up I heard commotion and “CODE BLUE” being called. I couldn’t see anything from where I lay and didn’t know if it was one or both babies having trouble breathing. In that moment I KNEW there was absolutely nothing I could do except call out to God. I said “Lord they’re in your hands, I trust you” and a peace washed over me. 
Andrey went with the girls to a special baby unit where they got oxygen and were monitored until their breathing got stable. We thanked God they didn’t need NICU. As that would mean getting transferred to a different hospital apart from me. My sister came to visit and stayed with me while I waited to meet my babies. Everyone wanted to know their names. I repeated myself a bunch of times explaining I can’t name them without seeing them. 
A little over two hours later the nurses brought me Baby B ❤️ Oh my goodness. She was so tiny.! She instantly latched on and was amazing at breastfeeding. I undressed her to a diaper and we did skin to skin for a good few hours. I still couldn’t move my legs from the anesthesia so nurses helped me place her in her basinet or hand her back to me. For the previous 2 kiddos Andrey did that but during this time he was still in the nursery with Baby A doing kangaroo care and waiting for her to stabilize. 
About six hours after delivery the nurses finally brought me Baby A! They said her sugar levels were constantly good so they didn’t give her formula. She was so excited to get some breast milk and enjoyed all the skin to skin on me as well! 
After seeing them we agreed that Baby B was Leah (from our list of names). Baby A was the one who had trouble breathing and so we decided to call her Grace. 
After 2 days there we were discharged. It was so crazy to be packing up 2 car seats with babies. 
We came home and the toddlers were so excited to meet 2 babies at once. Emily had a bit of adjusting to do; every time she heard one or both babies cry she would join in. 
Eventually we fell into our new normal with 4 kiddos. We’re fortunate that we live with parents and they’ve been a huge help during this first year of the twins lives. It’s made it possible for me to leave them during a nap and spend some quality time with the toddlers. 
There have been plenty of struggles as a twin mom. Sleepless nights. Worries about milestones and health. Struggles with trying to go anywhere. I’ve had to say no to so many invitations to go to bible study, girls/mom dates, birthday parties/events because it was either during the girls nap time or one/or both were sick. We’ve definitely lost some friends from saying no constantly but gained some new ones (the ones who understand, and still love us even though we only say yes 1/20 times). 
I want to thank each and every one of those who have reached out; either through text, phone calls, messages, visits. It means the world to us. And thank you for all the sweet people who have gifted/donated things for the girls. We truly appreciate each and every one of you. 
We want to say that these 2 miracles are a blessing from God. It’s not “wow you guys got lucky, random twins”. It’s not luck. God has blessed us and blessed up again by keeping them healthy throughout the pregnancy, delivery, and their first year of life. 
Happy Birthday our dear Grace And Leah ❤️

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