Homeschool: curriculum, prep and planning

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Anyways….. HOMESCHOOL! Last year was our first year doing homeschool and I admit I didn’t prepare as well as I should have. I expected it to run smoothly but without much work on my part. Unfortunately we didn’t get through the whole school year as my pregnancy with the twins became hard and I was in survival mode. So this year we are determined to have a successful (full) school year.

Although I personally loved Abeka curriculum it just didn’t click for my son and that’s the beauty of of homeschooling; you customize everything to work for you and your child, you don’t have to struggle along with one set plan. For that reason I decided to do my research and search around to try some different curriculum this year. The picture above is everything we will be using this year plus (not pictured) bible study lessons.

Quick overview of curriculum;

  • Math: Singapore Math K. (It’s beautifully designed with child in mind. My son wanted to start it as soon as we got it in the mail)
  • Writing: Handwriting without Tears(we got the kindergarten pack and also the kindergarten prep (3) books since we didn’t finish the previous year)
  • Language Arts; The Good and The Beautiful (we got the pack for kindergarten. The lessons are open and go with a reader to follow along, also beautifully designed and fun for the student)
  • Bible Study; Bible story Puzzle n Learn (super simple to follow Bible Lessons with kids activities inside)
  • Arts/Crafts: The Good and The Beautiful (the pack we purchased for LA included a year of arts/crafts ideas)
  • Prep/planning:
  • We have our last camp for summer mid-August and once we get back we plan to start our school year. Curriculum is here we are just waiting for the best deals in stores on school supplies then we will be all set item wise. These days we do work from ourĀ Transition to Kindergarten and Kickstart Kindergarten Workbook just to prepare for the school year. I highly recommend it; it’s a very simple book to learn how to write the alphabet.
  • Recently, I stumbled upon a home school blog (she’s been homeschooling for over 20yrs) and her biggest piece of advice: don’t kill yourself with the planning. Plans are great but life happens. There’s going to be days where you can get 2-3days of school work done and there will also be days where you and your child don’t finish one day of planned studies. That’s ok. Part of her advice said write your weekly lesson plans in PENCIL first then write what actually happened at the end of each day next to it in PEN. Visually you will see the good and bad days when you look back. I definitely agree with her…. our kids (just like us) have good and bad days. There’s a BIG difference between just being grumpy for an hour in the morning and completely having a bad day. So we can’t expect them to joyously run to do their school work and breeze through it everyday.
  • With that in mind, I’m planning a forgiving school year with plenty of wiggle room for our family. Let’s face it, with 4 kiddos 5 and under things don’t always go perfectly as planned. Our school year is planned to be August-May with some breaks for holidays and such. Secretly, I have a goal to finish earlier than planned but if that doesn’t happen it’ll be ok too.
  • Halfway through the school year I’ll be posting an update blog with what’s worked for us, what we changed, what didn’t work, etc.,
  • If you’re a home school parent what advice do you have for us? Have you used any of this curriculum before? Love it? hate it ?

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