postpartum truths:

This is just a fair warning; if you’re a guy or a young girl you probably shouldn’t read this! There’s no secrets here but it might not be the best thing to read.

Ok, as much as I WANT to write out every single detail I am aware that not only moms read this. And the ones that ARE moms don’t need huge explanations… they know EXACTLY what I’m talking about!
Some things I had no idea about until I experienced them myself after having my first baby

Swelling. Oh my goodness. I thought my feet were swollen while I was pregnant. Ha. After I had my baby my ankles were non existent. It was so painful to walk because that meant bending what felt like water balloons under my skin in my ankles. From the fluids I got and drugs before/during/after csection I was extremely swollen. Of course the simplest things helped; tons of water (preferably warm or hot), walks; yes it sucked, and time.

Contractions. Yep. Sorry ladies, I’m here to tell you they don’t stop after you’ve had your baby. You’ll have them for at least a day or two, up to a week after. Totally normal. I promise it ends eventually. It’s just everything going back down to normal.

Massage. That’s the last word I’d use to describe that lovely act the nurses do postpartum. Imagine someone kneading a huge ball of dough. Now picture that same action being done to your extremely sore abdomen/uterus. I had a clever nurse suggest I take my pain meds 10min before she was to do this that way I’d feel less pain.

Weakness. Wether you had a natural or csection birth you will be weak. Your legs will wobble. You’ll feel like an 80yo for a little bit. Eventually you’ll get your strength back, promise!

Shakes, sweating/cold. Add that to the list of normal postpartum. After your baby is out your body goes through a huge drop in hormones, liquids, blood…. so it’s not hard to understand that it’ll be a bit of a shock.

Restrictions: this one is specific to csection mamas. After the major abdominal surgery you will likely be told no heavy lifting for 6 weeks (to let your scar heal both internally and externally), no driving while taking your pain meds., same restrictions as natural birth (nothing inside for 6 weeks until cleared by OB).

PPD/PPA I’m grateful to not have experienced PPD but I’ve definitely experienced PPA (post partum anxiety). Another one in this category is something called baby blues. All I’m going to say is you don’t have to face it alone. If you feel like something’s wrong please reach out to family and medical professionals. They all want to help you and won’t judge you for admitting you need some help.

Thank you for reading through this! Comment down below some of your own post partum truths or things you didn’t know until you had your own first baby.

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