Pregnancy with twins vs a single baby

Before I get into this post I want to write a quick disclaimer. This is how my personal experiences were. I don’t want anyone to think I had it so easy or so hard compared to their situation. Every woman experiences pregnancy and birth differently. We each go through a very unique and personal journey to join this thing called motherhood. With that said let’s get into this.!

My first pregnancy was average: nothing crazy hard. I did have morning (all day) sickness just about all 9 months. Gained a little too much. No complications at all during the pregnancy. Carried until 42 weeks and had my 1st baby with an emergency csection (detailed blog post on birth story separate).

Second pregnancy went just about the same as the first. {Fun fact; before my first ultrasound I was CONVINCED that I was pregnant with twins. I had dreams about it, felt it in my bones, just KNEW it was twins. Nope. Ultrasound showed one baby. I was wrong.} Only difference being I couldn’t just take naps and rest whenever I felt like it because I had a active toddler to take care of. That helped with me gaining much less than the first time. Also a complication free pregnancy. Also overdue, only by a week this time. We had hopes for a VBAC but God had other plans. Baby was also born csection (separate birth story blog coming).

Third pregnancy. Where to start? Since my previous two pregnancy were simple (not high risk) my OB was not in a hurry to schedule my first ultrasound. From the moment I got pregnant I could feel this pregnancy was different. I chalked it up to the fact that maybe I’m just tired from the two toddlers I’m taking care of.

Around six weeks I started feeling extremely sick. I would be throwing up day and night at least every hour if not more. I had migraines that honestly felt like I would die from the pressure and pain in my head. At the first OB check up my OB assured me that everything was on track and I was having a normal pregnancy. He then scheduled me for my first ultrasound to confirm everything’s progressing well and check on dates. This was set for 14 weeks. I’ll admit that I wanted to ask to have it done earlier. I was miserable and convinced something was horribly wrong for me to be feeling so sick. I ended up in the ER around 8weeks because of how bad a migraine was hitting me. It led to severe dehydration. Since I wasn’t bleeding they didn’t do an ultrasound there.

Around 10ish weeks I could feel my uterus at my lower abdomen. I thought this was odd since with my second pregnancy this didn’t happen until about 18weeks. But I convinced myself it was just because this was my third. I could see it (ball shaped) when I’d lay down flat on my back to ease my nausea and migraines. And I swear I could feel it moving (as if I swallowed a little ball) inside side to side slowly. You better believe I took pictures of this weird ball shaped belly of mine.

Fast forward to that first ultrasound. I was excited to see the baby. I thought maybe, if it’s a boy, I’ll see and know early. Since I was wrong with my intuition with 2nd pregnancy I honestly didn’t have a single thought that maybe it’s twins. The tech put the wand on my stomach and I saw them. I saw two babies. Shock was the first thing that went through me. “Well I’ll tell you right now, I see two babies.” She said. I started crying.

My husband and I had always hoped and dreamed of having 4 children in our family. But this would be my third csection and I didn’t know if I’d be able to have a fourth. We had already kind of accepted the fact that maybe Gods plan was for us to only have 3 children. So to see that God was making our dream come true and also taking care of me not having to have 4 csections was such a miracle.

The tech did a lot of imaging and told me that from what she saw they were Di/Di twins. This means they are fraternal twins. Each having its own sac and placenta. The safest twins to carry but also the hardest on the mom since you have to nourish 2 babies and 2 placentas. Did you know there are 7 types of possible twins? I didn’t. Until I got pregnant with them.

I came home and told my husband.! That was definitely a shock and surprise for him.

The rest of the pregnancy was hard on me. I struggled to keep anything down, even a sip of water. I worried if the babies were growing fine. Many days I had to ask my mom, aunt or husband to take care of the kids because I was so exhausted from being sick all I could do was lay and try not to throw up. Sleep was hard. No matter which side I chose to lay on, one baby would be mad and push and kick until I switched sides. Bathroom breaks were 24/7.

It was definitely interesting watching both babies move at the same time. It’s something hard to explain but amazing to experience. One was always super active and hyper while the other was very calm. They were the same on the outside.

I’m a huge planner, researcher, list writing type of person. So as soon as I found out it was twins I went into major google mode. What double stroller should we get? we would have to buy not one but two new infant carseats…yeah that’s not cheap. How many diapers would we go through with twins? It was so much to plan and consider. Once we started telling people that we were expecting twins the instant response from most was “I wish I had twins…”. I think its easy to say when it’s not you, yourself, expecting them in your life.

After many hours of reading reviews on strollers and car seats I finally picked what we wanted. Being the coupon lover that I am I was set to NOT pay full price for the baby gear. I waited until black Friday/ cyber Monday. On those days I was able to purchase the stroller for almost 50% off original price and the two car seats for over $100 off each one. If you are expecting right now I highly recommend purchasing the big stuff during a big holiday or sale. It won’t go bad and unless you plan to purchase a hot pink item you don’t even need to know the gender of your baby before purchasing. For all four of my kiddos I’ve always purchased grey/black gear (carseat, stroller, etc.,). Let me tell you, seeing 2 car seats by the door made it feel that much more real that we would be bringing home not one but two babies from the hospital.

The last month was the hardest thing ever. I am a short person so even one baby at the end of pregnancy took a lot of space, two was insane. There was no room for eating, it was even a miracle to keep plain water down for more than 2 minutes. Somehow we all survived and made it to the scheduled csection date. It wasn’t my first csection but still knowing the recovery I had ahead made me anxious and nervous. As always, the nurses had problems with the IV….joy… but the anesthesiologist (with ultrasound) was able to get a good spot.

I’m truly grateful that both babies were healthy and I was able to carry them to a safe term. With that said, I admire moms of twins/multiples more than ever after personally experiencing it. It takes a lot to carry one baby, multiples is a whole new level. The twins are now nine months old and both starting to stand/want to walk, teething, starting to have very specific preferences, attitudes, etc., yet still looking at them it’s sometimes surreal that we get to see two ( very different ) little humans develop at the same time, it’s truly amazing.

*next post will talk about twin gear items and my reviews on them* also the twin birth story is coming very soon*

Thank you for following along our life, recipes, tips/tricks.! Comment down below your favorite pregnancy moments or questions about twin pregnancy if you have any.


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