Self-Care for your well being

Self- care is all the hype these days on social media. Especially moms of young children boast that without it they would lose their minds. Others feel that it’s selfish to do any acts of self-care. I personally believe it’s not a bad thing… all within reason of course.

Self-care can be something as simple as 5 minutes of alone time or (if possible) up to a whole day doing something for yourself.

take bubble bath: I personally love adding a nice bath bomb, tons of bubbles, and lighting some candles. Music optional!

-get some coffee/bubble tea: coffee doesn’t really entice me. Bubble tea on the other hand… I’m always up for that. There’s so many different options with either boba or popping bubble jellies. These are the ones I’ve previously ordered from amazon. It’s so much cheaper to order the big container and make it yourself at home instead of paying around $5 for a cup and only having about 2Tbsp of the bubbles in there.

go to your favorite store: depending on how much time you have and if you are going completely alone to the store or not. Target is forever the top of my list. Thrift stores are like a treasure hunt. If I have my older kids with me I avoid target and just head straight to a thrift store. They know they can each pick a toy or something little and then are happy to follow me around while I stroll and search for something unique.

get some Chocolate : do I even have to write a explanation? Always have chocolate in the house.

-brisk walk to nearby coffee shop: I love this idea. You’re doing two in one. A walk and coffee.

do a Puzzle: If you have toddlers like us, I suggest not doing a physical puzzle you can finish in one sitting. It’s so sad when you half finish and come back to find the kiddos decided to destroy all your hard work. There’s so many puzzle apps.

drive alone: blast your favorite music. Go to Starbucks drive through.

play piano (or any instrument)

listen to a podcast: some of my favorites are now that we’re a family, marriage after God, cultivating the lovely

read a book: my most recent reads have been ” The Orphan Train” “Redeeming Love ” and “Rooms

listen to audible: this is an amazing program if you (like most moms) don’t have the time to sit down and read a physical book. Audible is a subscription audio book program through amazon. You pay a monthly subscription fee and get 1 book “credit” to get any audible book from amazon (any price) to add to your collection. If for any reason you decide you don’t want that book you can easily return it and the credit is issued back to your account for a new book. Audible has the same feature as Netflix/Hulu that it saves the spot where you left off automatically. The cool thing is that you get to keep your collection forever, even if you decide to stop your subscription, all the ones you’ve purchased or gotten with the monthly credit are yours. Click on the banner under the search box to try it out for free. I started with a free trial and my first (free book) was Unveiled Wife by Jennifer Smith.

-self-manicure + facemask + show (bonus points for doing it while the kiddos nap): I have no patience to do my own nails (just being honest) but I would definitely do the facemask, show and maybe a hot cup of tea!

coloring book: have you seen the new Color by numbers books? Or the Stickers by numbers ? If you’re an overthink kind of person like me and just need something to help your brain relax this is a great (quiet nap time) idea.

craft something: I’m sure I’m not the only one with dozens of Pinterest boards filled with craft ideas I just never do. So pick one, something that you have all the supplies for. And just do it!

write a letter to someone: the art of physically writing is something so special. These days it’s all texts and emails. Almost no one writes actual letters. When we get the mail it’s ads and bills… exciting stuff really.! Getting a letter from a friend just makes my day.! I like to include some card, a uplifting bible verse, maybe a coloring page and decorate the envelope so it looks nice.

declutter (only 1) space. The important thing is not to lose focus and start doing the whole house because that can get overwhelming really quickly! Sometimes just tidying up your desk or kitchen counter and seeing it clear makes you feel on top of your day.!

I do want to mention; mom guilt is so very real. We feel that if we do one (or more) of these things it’s a act of selfishness. I think we need to realize that in order to care for our children and spouses it’s very important that we aren’t running on empty because then we have nothing to give them. Of course, I’m not suggesting you do all these things everyday either.! And there are days when even all this isn’t enough. Moms can just have a bad/hard day… we are human. Sometimes all you need is a listening friend to hear you out. Through the hardest days I know God can always lift us up and help us through the hardships.

What things do you like to do for self-care? Do you have mom guilt when you do something for yourself? Comment down below!

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