Twin gear review- Black Friday Deals

I’m a huge planner, researcher, list writing type of person. So as soon as I found out it was twins I went into major google mode. What double stroller should we get? We would have to buy not one but two new infant carseats…yeah that’s not cheap. How many diapers would we go through with twins? It was so much to plan and consider. Once we started telling people that we were expecting twins the instant response from most was “I wish I had twins…”. I think its easy to say when it’s not you, yourself, expecting them in your life.

After many hours of reading reviews on strollers and car seats I finally picked what we wanted to purchase. To my surprise there’s not many posts with twin gear products reviewed. Honest moms explaining what they like, not paid reviews. So after using these products for more than just a week or two, more like months, I’m excited to write my honest thoughts and opinions about the big ticket items I purchased last year on or around Black Friday. Most things mentioned are at their best/lowest price on Black Friday/cyber Monday so keep an eye out if you need any baby items.

Stroller: my choice was between the uppababy Vista or the baby jogger city select. We went with the Baby Jogger . Buybuy baby often has a coupon for 20% off one item (including that stroller) so I used that on top of their Black Friday huge sale and purchased it for around $400 (originally around $700) WITH the accessories to make it a double (another $150).

Car seats: knowing we’d have to sometimes carry two car seats my goal when picking them was #1 light weight. Nuna Pipa Lite Lx is the lightest on the market. We also scored a good deal each was around $100 off on the Nordstrom website on Black Friday.

Diaper bag: I ABSOLUTELY love the diaper backpack I got for twins. I got the Skip Hop backpack diaper bag and it’s been amazing since they were newborns. Enough room for everything for twins so I’m sure anyone with 1 baby will find it extra spacious and organized. Skip hop has sales often so keep and eye out.

Swing: We purchased our first one before Emily was born and got the second one to borrow from our sister but I still highly recommend the 4moms 4moms mamaroo. It reclines so a baby can safely nap there during the day and has seatbelts to keep the baby secure.

Convertible Car seats: Thanks to my tall husband our babies have always grown (by height) out of their infant car seats well before they reached the max weight allowed. So we purchase the convertible ones as soon as they need them. The girls were reaching the top of theirs at 4ish months old. So we got 2 of the Graco4Ever convertible car seats. Albee baby has amazing deals often and especially on Black Friday/cyber Monday. Target also has the Graco slim fit for 50% off this Black Friday so hurry to not miss those amazing deals.

Carrier: I use my Ergo360 so often. Usually only one of the twins is cranky and needs me while the other is content playing by herself so I make good use of the carrier if I need to get things done around the house.

Swaddles: I think I’ll never stop promoting Copper Pearl swaddles since I’ve discovered them.! They are so amazing. It’s one of the few things we’ve used constantly since they were born and still do to this day , 10 months later.

Planner: I personally have the Simplified Planner and love it. Something similar is the Erin Condren life planner. Anything with detailed pages (hourly) and plenty of note taking space. If you’ve had a baby before you know how those first few weeks it’s important to keep track of feeds, diapers, naps, etc., with twins and sleep deprivation that gets double confusing. Having it all in a planner has been so helpful.

High chairs: I’ll be honest I so badly wanted the Stokke Tripp Trapp high chair but buying 2 for twins was insane to me price wise. So after searching for something that would work for us I finally found one we could get 2 of and it hit all my must haves. We got 2 Baby Trend high chairs. They recline back so it’s easy to use for a bottle feeding, all the material comes off for easy cleaning, it’s height adjustable, and so many other benefits.

Comment down below what must have baby items you have and why you love them!

I hope this list gave you some insight into what baby items I love using and why. Don’t miss out on Black Friday/cyber Monday deals this year.

As always; the links included are affiliate links meaning I make a small commission if you purchase through those links. Your purchase helps support the blog and our family so thank you!

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