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So it’s been almost 3 months since we started the school year. I don’t know if you’re like me but apart from first impression reviews I like updated reviews (when the item has been well tried out and thoughts on it). We’ve been using all the curriculum I first posted about since the beginning and I can honestly say we are loving it.!

Going from a boxed curriculum to a “pick and choose” everything yourself can definitely seem overwhelming at first… especially once you discover just how many options there really are. Just remember, you know your child better than anyone. That means you surely know their strengths and weaknesses when it comes to learning. This is a good thing. Knowing that information makes it so much easier to pick what types of curriculum your child will learn best from.

I know my son is a visual learner and that he hates repetition. With that in mind I made sure to pick curriculum that was simple for him to understand with lots of visuals and kid friendly.

As beautiful as his LA book is he still hates reading and prefers to do his math instead. He has leaped through his math curriculum in 2 months what was supposed to be for half a year!

Younger sister was so intrigued by the contents of his math books that we had to get her some of her own.: we got her the same ones just for pre-K level and she’s doing really well with them (she just turned 3 in September). Since he finished with his math we did get a different brand of math just to try out until the year is over then we will be ordering the second half of his normal math books from Singapore math.

I won’t sugarcoat it, homeschool is hard! It takes so much patience, care, planning, timing, repetition, and grace that you feel like you’re giving your whole soul in the process. Let me tell you though…. hard as it is… it’s all worth it when you see your child’s brain start to remember, learn, absorb, make connections and discover so much through the lessons.

I am so thrilled with the curriculum we chose this year and have zero regrets deciding to try something new instead of sticking with a popular brand that just didn’t work for us.

Comment down below: do you homeschool? What curriculums do you use and what grades are your children in? Thank you for reading ❤️

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